“Knuckler” Book Review

“Knuckler” by Tim Wakefield with Tony Massarotti; Page count 260

Knuckler was by far one of the best books I have read in quite some time. I love baseball and the Boston Red Sox are my favorite baseball team so I knew going in I would more than likely enjoy this book. Tim Wakefield is a former major league pitcher who made his career out of one of baseballs most misunderstood pitches, the knuckleball. Seen to most in the profession as an ineffective pitch or an oddity, Wakefield proved his doubters wrong by having a long successful career with one type of pitch. With insight from Wakefield’s mentors and fellow knuckleballers such as Phil and Joe Neikro, you begin to learn how wild it really is for Wakefield to do what he did with the knuckleball. That is a main part about the book that I enjoyed is hearing quotes and statements from some of the best pitchers and baseball players that ever played.

The book takes you through Wakefield’s long journey through the majors and the bumps in the road he had to face along the way. I was very interested in hearing the back story on a player I watched for my entire childhood and into my young teenage years. The story is very well told and filled with comments and brief stories from people close to Wakefield like his parents and former managers.  There’s not much about the book that I didn’t like but I have a slight bias because of who the book is about. Sports fans and especially baseball fans would enjoy the story behind one of baseballs oddest pitching careers. All in all I would recommend Knuckler to anyone as a good read. I’m definitely the opposite of a fan of reading and Knuckler kept me interested the whole way through so that has says something.

word count: 311



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