What I’m reading

Led Zeppelin IV  Author: Barney Hoskyns  Page count: 166

My latest choice in books for my college comprehension class is Led Zeppelin IV by Barney Hoskyns. I have only gotten to read about 60 pages of the book so far and I’m enjoying it as much as I thought I would. I am a big fan of Led Zeppelins music so learning more about the back stories of the band and its members has been very interesting. I think the upcoming review I am going to have to write for this book should be fairly easy because of how much I’ve enjoyed it so far. Luckily my first two book choices have been good reads for myself because I have never really been a fan of reading because I can never find books that grab my attention and actually make me want to read more than the first 20 or so pages of it. That’s been the complete opposite so far and I am hoping I continue to get lucky with my book choices.

I honestly would probably be already done reading the book after only a few days of having it if it wasn’t for my spur of the moment trip to Orlando this weekend for one of my friends from back homes birthday. That says a lot because It normally takes me weeks to finish a book even this short. Maybe this class will spark me to become a more avid reader but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I can say one thing though, this class will definitely make me never want to have a blog for any reason other than for school. I’m horrible at writing and this a struggle trying to relay this information to everyone on here and has been for every post, hopefully this will change sooner than later. 570250

word count 307

“Ive only been this young once”



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