Led Zeppelin IV Book review

Led Zeppelin IV  Author: Barney Hoskyns  Pages:166


This weeks book review is on a book I was very interested in reading, Led Zeppelin IV. The book focuses on the members of the band Led Zeppelin and the journey they had from forming the band to becoming one of the biggest rock bands to ever walk the Earth. The book also sheds insight about the meanings behind the symbols used on the covers of their albums and their real meanings. With real quotes from members of the band and some of the other greatest musicians ever the book the story of Led Zeppelin is fully revealed. The book kept me interested the whole way through, not only because of my love for Led Zeppelins music but because it informed you on all sorts of details about the band that I never even knew. From start to finish I was constantly learning new things.

There’s not much I didn’t like about the book other than how short it was because I wanted to keep reading about the band. That’s a very surprising thing for me to have wanted a book to be longer because I’m normally the type that cant wait to finish a book. The main part about the book that I enjoyed was all of the quotes from the members of the band and the other musicians. It got me more into the book because I knew what I was reading was all facts but when you hear it from the actual persons stand point, to me t makes it that much cooler. I would recommend this book to any music fan unless they are not a fan of music from the era that Led Zeppelin was around for. It was very well written and helped me gain even more interest into biography type books such as this.

word count:308

“The power came from the music” – John Paul Jones



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