Ben and Jerry‘s: The Inside Scoop     By: Fred  “Chico” Lager      Page 90/233

Its Monday yet again people and the book I am reading for my next upcoming book review is “Ben and Jerry’s: The Inside Scoop” by Fred Lager. So far in my readings it has discussed the earlier life’s and business venture of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield before they struck it big in the ice cream business. The stories behind the two are very interesting because they were just ordinary young men looking for their calling in life. Working all sorts of different jobs and living in new states in order to make a living. It really is a true example of an American success story and so far I’ve enjoyed reading it.

I am excited to continue with the reading and hear the whole story behind how Ben and Jerry took a small ice cream shop in an old run down gas station and turned it into a multi million dollar business. Maybe ill even get a good idea at how to  make millions off of simply making one of my favorite foods, you never know. The other part ive enjoyed about this book is how even when things got really bad at times both Ben and Jerry were able to figure things out and get what they wanted to done. The book deffinetly has some motivation in the reading as to never give up on what you want to do because you never know, your small idea could turn into something great just like Ben and Jerry did with their ice cream. They didn’t plan on making a fortune from it they were doing what they loved. Its nice to read about people who actually work hard and achieve something great instead of it being handed to them more like it is in modern society.     Words:320

” Ahhh, you stick your hands in sh!t, you wash if off”





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