Book Review #3

Ben and Jerrys: The inside scoop   By Fred “Chico” Lager  Pages: 236


The inside scoop is one of the best books I have read so far in my life. It was the true story of how ordinary men who had a dream and went for it and became extremely successful doing it. Not to mention who wouldn’t want to hear about how some of the best ice cream in the world came to be. I loved how the story had so many small real events and encounters that made you really understand both Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Through  out the book their will to succeed never stop s and with real comments from both Ben and Jerry get you very in to the whole story behind the ice cream brand much h before it was a multimillion dollar business.

The main thing I liked about the book was the story behind it. Two ordinary guys took something that people said would be a waste of time. I also love that the book is told by someone who was very cloe to both Ben and Jerry so ifelt what was being said had much more value than someone who didn’t work with them writing about all of this. With real quotes and sayings from both Ben and Jerry and their friends and collogues it makes the book seem even more and more realistic and interesting to read. I like reading about success stories especially ones who began the way Ben and Jerrys success did. The guys seem like very down to earth and very chill people with their 60s and 70s ways of life and thinking. All in all a very good read that I would recommend to just about anyone.

words 290




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