The Old Man and the Sea, Earnest Hemmingway , 30 pages in

My choice of book this for this book review is a classic and personally one of my favorites, The Old Man and the Sea. I have read this book and seen the movie before but it was when I was much younger so I am trying to see if I understand it more or pick up on other things I may have missed.  I feel that now that I am older it may change my outlook on the book. Not to mention its over all just a great story about a man defying the odds to do something nobody thought he could. It should be an easy read for me because as I’ve mentioned before I am not a big fan of reading in the slightest.

Finding a book that really draws your attention in the first few pages is always crucial when trying to enjoy what you are reading. Now, The Old Man and the Sea does not start out as the most interesting of stories but I think what draws me to it is the fact that it is about an old fisherman who is struggling to catch fish. Coming from a town where fishing is life (Islamorada, Florida) the story has somewhat different meaning to me. It makes me think about how back in the days when this story was written how if you didn’t catch anything you may go hungry and make no money. I couldn’t imagine having to struggle like that every day to make a living or just simply to eat. Fishing has advanced very much since this story was written but the way Santiago (the old man) must fish seems like one of most challenging things I could ever do. All in all I’m actually excited to re read this book and hopefully ill have a good review to post once I finish.





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