Blog wrap up

So here we are, the final blog post of the semester. I’ve read several good books ( in my opinion) this semester and told you my opinions about them. I honestly never thought I would see myself actually blogging. It never once had cross my mind to ever jump on one of these sites and if it wasn’t for my English class I would not be on here. I’m not saying I enjoyed blogging, I actually felt the complete opposite about it. This will definitely be my last post on here unless I am required to use it for another class. I’ve never been much of a writer, mainly because I don’t like being told what I have to write about. I feel like it takes away from any creativeness I could add to my writing. Yet I guess I could say it was an interesting experience operating a blog because it was not what I expected.

I can definitely see how a lot of people who love to write, read, and talk about random topics would really enjoy using a blog. Maybe I would have enjoyed it a little more if there wasn’t set topics I had to write about but like I said I don’t think I would ever have gotten on a site like this if it wasn’t a requirement for class. Ill take it as a learning experience and at least now I know what a blog is all about. I’m sure I will have to do several more blogs or websites for future classes so I’m sure using this one will help me down the road. Its pretty crazy this semester is all ready over I feel like it flew by. I feels like just a few weeks ago that I was thinking about 10 random things I could use for my first blog post. bebefete-products-bodysuits_612x612_closeup_peaceout


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