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So here we are, the final blog post of the semester. I’ve read several good books ( in my opinion) this semester and told you my opinions about them. I honestly never thought I would see myself actually blogging. It never once had cross my mind to ever jump on one of these sites and if it wasn’t for my English class I would not be on here. I’m not saying I enjoyed blogging, I actually felt the complete opposite about it. This will definitely be my last post on here unless I am required to use it for another class. I’ve never been much of a writer, mainly because I don’t like being told what I have to write about. I feel like it takes away from any creativeness I could add to my writing. Yet I guess I could say it was an interesting experience operating a blog because it was not what I expected.

I can definitely see how a lot of people who love to write, read, and talk about random topics would really enjoy using a blog. Maybe I would have enjoyed it a little more if there wasn’t set topics I had to write about but like I said I don’t think I would ever have gotten on a site like this if it wasn’t a requirement for class. Ill take it as a learning experience and at least now I know what a blog is all about. I’m sure I will have to do several more blogs or websites for future classes so I’m sure using this one will help me down the road. Its pretty crazy this semester is all ready over I feel like it flew by. I feels like just a few weeks ago that I was thinking about 10 random things I could use for my first blog post. bebefete-products-bodysuits_612x612_closeup_peaceout


The Old Man and the Sea book review

“The Old Man and the Sea” By Ernest Hemingway  pages 155

For this weeks book review I chose an old favorite of mine in The Old Man and the Sea. The book tells the tale of an old fisherman from the Bahamas named Santiago, and his adventure that would change his life. Santiago had been struggling to catch fish to feed himself and make any money. He had gone 85 days without catching anything. His luck was so bad that even his young friend named Manolin was not allowed to fish with him anymore because his parents forbid him from fishing with such an unlucky fisherman. Overall the story that unfolds after Santiago makes his way very far out into the ocean to see if he can change his luck is something I was not expecting on bit the first time I read this book. But you’re going to have to read it (or just look it up) to see what happens from there because I’m not going to spoil it.

” Every day is a new day. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. THen when luck comes you are ready”

To me this book tells a very unique tale of human strength and willpower. Its not often that I read a book more than once but I have read this book several times now and I never get tired of it. In my opinion its one of the more well written books out there. Hemingway really thought of a wild experience to write about and the whole time makes you feel as if you’re right there with Santiago.  This is definitely a book that I would recommend to anyone to read. I feel as if most people would appreciate the story being told because its about one of the most unlikely of humans accomplishing something that no one would ever expect. I feel like it could inspire people in ways and help them possibly overcome something in their life that’s causing them difficulty. Hemingway in my opinion really out did himself on this great book. hemingway_hamminkway_old_man_and_the_sea

words 324


The Old Man and the Sea, Earnest Hemmingway , 30 pages in

My choice of book this for this book review is a classic and personally one of my favorites, The Old Man and the Sea. I have read this book and seen the movie before but it was when I was much younger so I am trying to see if I understand it more or pick up on other things I may have missed.  I feel that now that I am older it may change my outlook on the book. Not to mention its over all just a great story about a man defying the odds to do something nobody thought he could. It should be an easy read for me because as I’ve mentioned before I am not a big fan of reading in the slightest.

Finding a book that really draws your attention in the first few pages is always crucial when trying to enjoy what you are reading. Now, The Old Man and the Sea does not start out as the most interesting of stories but I think what draws me to it is the fact that it is about an old fisherman who is struggling to catch fish. Coming from a town where fishing is life (Islamorada, Florida) the story has somewhat different meaning to me. It makes me think about how back in the days when this story was written how if you didn’t catch anything you may go hungry and make no money. I couldn’t imagine having to struggle like that every day to make a living or just simply to eat. Fishing has advanced very much since this story was written but the way Santiago (the old man) must fish seems like one of most challenging things I could ever do. All in all I’m actually excited to re read this book and hopefully ill have a good review to post once I finish.




Book Review #3

Ben and Jerrys: The inside scoop   By Fred “Chico” Lager  Pages: 236


The inside scoop is one of the best books I have read so far in my life. It was the true story of how ordinary men who had a dream and went for it and became extremely successful doing it. Not to mention who wouldn’t want to hear about how some of the best ice cream in the world came to be. I loved how the story had so many small real events and encounters that made you really understand both Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Through  out the book their will to succeed never stop s and with real comments from both Ben and Jerry get you very in to the whole story behind the ice cream brand much h before it was a multimillion dollar business.

The main thing I liked about the book was the story behind it. Two ordinary guys took something that people said would be a waste of time. I also love that the book is told by someone who was very cloe to both Ben and Jerry so ifelt what was being said had much more value than someone who didn’t work with them writing about all of this. With real quotes and sayings from both Ben and Jerry and their friends and collogues it makes the book seem even more and more realistic and interesting to read. I like reading about success stories especially ones who began the way Ben and Jerrys success did. The guys seem like very down to earth and very chill people with their 60s and 70s ways of life and thinking. All in all a very good read that I would recommend to just about anyone.

words 290




Ben and Jerry‘s: The Inside Scoop     By: Fred  “Chico” Lager      Page 90/233

Its Monday yet again people and the book I am reading for my next upcoming book review is “Ben and Jerry’s: The Inside Scoop” by Fred Lager. So far in my readings it has discussed the earlier life’s and business venture of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield before they struck it big in the ice cream business. The stories behind the two are very interesting because they were just ordinary young men looking for their calling in life. Working all sorts of different jobs and living in new states in order to make a living. It really is a true example of an American success story and so far I’ve enjoyed reading it.

I am excited to continue with the reading and hear the whole story behind how Ben and Jerry took a small ice cream shop in an old run down gas station and turned it into a multi million dollar business. Maybe ill even get a good idea at how to  make millions off of simply making one of my favorite foods, you never know. The other part ive enjoyed about this book is how even when things got really bad at times both Ben and Jerry were able to figure things out and get what they wanted to done. The book deffinetly has some motivation in the reading as to never give up on what you want to do because you never know, your small idea could turn into something great just like Ben and Jerry did with their ice cream. They didn’t plan on making a fortune from it they were doing what they loved. Its nice to read about people who actually work hard and achieve something great instead of it being handed to them more like it is in modern society.     Words:320

” Ahhh, you stick your hands in sh!t, you wash if off”




Led Zeppelin IV Book review

Led Zeppelin IV  Author: Barney Hoskyns  Pages:166


This weeks book review is on a book I was very interested in reading, Led Zeppelin IV. The book focuses on the members of the band Led Zeppelin and the journey they had from forming the band to becoming one of the biggest rock bands to ever walk the Earth. The book also sheds insight about the meanings behind the symbols used on the covers of their albums and their real meanings. With real quotes from members of the band and some of the other greatest musicians ever the book the story of Led Zeppelin is fully revealed. The book kept me interested the whole way through, not only because of my love for Led Zeppelins music but because it informed you on all sorts of details about the band that I never even knew. From start to finish I was constantly learning new things.

There’s not much I didn’t like about the book other than how short it was because I wanted to keep reading about the band. That’s a very surprising thing for me to have wanted a book to be longer because I’m normally the type that cant wait to finish a book. The main part about the book that I enjoyed was all of the quotes from the members of the band and the other musicians. It got me more into the book because I knew what I was reading was all facts but when you hear it from the actual persons stand point, to me t makes it that much cooler. I would recommend this book to any music fan unless they are not a fan of music from the era that Led Zeppelin was around for. It was very well written and helped me gain even more interest into biography type books such as this.

word count:308

“The power came from the music” – John Paul Jones


What I’m reading

Led Zeppelin IV  Author: Barney Hoskyns  Page count: 166

My latest choice in books for my college comprehension class is Led Zeppelin IV by Barney Hoskyns. I have only gotten to read about 60 pages of the book so far and I’m enjoying it as much as I thought I would. I am a big fan of Led Zeppelins music so learning more about the back stories of the band and its members has been very interesting. I think the upcoming review I am going to have to write for this book should be fairly easy because of how much I’ve enjoyed it so far. Luckily my first two book choices have been good reads for myself because I have never really been a fan of reading because I can never find books that grab my attention and actually make me want to read more than the first 20 or so pages of it. That’s been the complete opposite so far and I am hoping I continue to get lucky with my book choices.

I honestly would probably be already done reading the book after only a few days of having it if it wasn’t for my spur of the moment trip to Orlando this weekend for one of my friends from back homes birthday. That says a lot because It normally takes me weeks to finish a book even this short. Maybe this class will spark me to become a more avid reader but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I can say one thing though, this class will definitely make me never want to have a blog for any reason other than for school. I’m horrible at writing and this a struggle trying to relay this information to everyone on here and has been for every post, hopefully this will change sooner than later. 570250

word count 307

“Ive only been this young once”